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Each and every interaction is special, fast & meaningful, our teams have developed a menu & range of international cuisine’s that not only compliment, but also compete in the events arena. Our units are industry leading ensuring we give our staff the best platform to deliver efficient service.

We have been working together since 2004, we have seen the birth of the street food revolution & all of the latest trends.

What's behind stadia? We are an honest bunch, foodies, creative types that enjoy exceptional produce. Most importantly we are a great team, we work together to deliver a professional fast & consistent service regardless of being in a stadium, arena or field.

We hope you enjoy our website, we serve some fantastic coffee & travel up and down the country with it. If you would like to meet our new partnerships manager for a cup then get in touch… carl@stadia.org.uk

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The Rectory Farmer, our high spec burger joints can serve breakfast lunch and dinner, with seasonal specialities and staple British ingredients.

All of our British Beef burgers are 90% beef- we tried 100% but it didn’t leave room for our beautiful flavourings, salt pepper and lots of juiciness!

The Mains all with our giant beef burger

The SOHO- topped with sweet tomato relish, Fried Pepperoni and mozzarella!

The M25- Jalapenos, Chilli Sauce, Fire Cracker cheese.

The Brick Lane- Curry Mayo, Onion Bhaji & Mango Chutney

The Knightsbridge- Topped with mature cheddar cheese, Caramelised Onions & crisp Salad.



The Battersea Breakfast- Traditional Cumberland Ring, Egg, Mushroom, Bacon & fried onions!

The Spittlefields Special- Egg, Onions, Hashbrown, Mushroom & Chilli Sauce

The Piccadilly- Fast Simple Bacon & Egg roll

The Marble Arch- British Sausage & Egg Roll

All Day

Twice Cooked Fried

Sweet Pottato Chips

Garlic & Herb Wedges

Giant Onion Rings


London PIZZA Co

Our totally unique fresh pizza unit.

We were the first in the UK to bring the Pizza roll concept to the masses, crisp 00 pizza dough, our own (NOT SO) secret recipe passata (its beautiful, fresh tomato, basil, garlic, salt, and pepper) topped with fresh Italian mozzarella and your choice of topping, we then roll it up and bake until it looks like a beautiful rose… Perfection.

The pizza roll is great for festivals and events, no mess, easy to eat and delicious, we also do some amazing new york style pizza that is ready in minutes.



Our festival fresh hot wrap brand.

  • Fresh marinated cucumber lettuce & tomato

  • Mixed red & white onions

  • Crispy lamb doner, melted halloumi or organic checked breast

  • Rolled in a toasted tortilla wrap

  • Garlic, Chilli & seasonal sauces

This unit can be built at any location, in a concession, on a concourse or outdoor street food unit.



Our proper British buffet concept, From breakfast to lunch-Scotch Eggs, Pork Pies & doorstop wedge sandwiches, fill a box in medium & large sizes. 

Create gourmet salads and exciting lunches YOUR WAY


Sausage & Cider Yard

Our mini-festival concept,

  • Shipping containers, fire pits & festoon lights

  • Live acoustic, folk & homegrown music

  • Locally sourced sausages, Cumberland rings & beautiful bangers

  • Real Ales’s, Ciders and premium lagers

  • Hay bales, circus tents & comedy clubs.

Our concept can be delivered bespoke to your event, and sit alongside your own offering. We have also provided it for corporate events & weddings across the UK.